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we want to get better at what we do. to get closer to realizing some isdeas we’ve had for some time. to simply embrace the process of putting one foot in front of the other. I’m over 40 now and am no longer haunted by a young man’s hoop dreams but, I’m anything but resigned, just comfortable in my skin. We are fans of the work and attitude of today’s “winner-take all” rappers: Em, Wayne, Kanye, Hov, Drake, Nikki Minaj (as well as the given hip hop bench of the moment). They do what they do really well. They’re charismatic, have this outsize pop sensibility and smell like vacation but, let’s face it… the Roots don’t ball that hard, you know where to find us (30 Rock M-F) and when niggas are in Paris we spend our down time in our rooms checking emails. So no, shit ain’t cray…there will be no “President Bush don’t like Black people” moment, or fabled rides in an old Rolls Royce Corniche. We understand sweat equity, the bottom line, the importance of being present and being on time. we’ve also been lucky, we’ve never had a high swag quotient and couldn’t write a pop song if our life depended on it but, we’ve been on a major for 18 years and have been able to develop our live performances to some degree of noteworthiness and found ourselves untethered from the machinations of Black popular culture. what this has afforded us (and more specifically myself) is the luxury of doing the different drummer thing. So we find the world to be full of possibility. The music we can create–the stories we can tell–it’s fairly wide open.


My favorite band> your favorite band

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